Specializing in evaluation and treatment of PTSD and other mental disorders, forensic evaluations, and evaluation and management of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Soldiers and Tanks

Have you personally experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, such as death, serious injury, or sexual violence? While many people recover within several months from a trauma, some experience prolonged emotional distress making it difficult to return to their normal lives after a traumatic event. Whether the trauma occurred in childhood or as an adult, a highly stressful incident from the past can still significantly impact relationships and work for a long time. Although it may be difficult to initially address a trauma in treatment, research shows that PTSD can be treated effectively, leading to improvement in symptoms and quality of life overall.


If you are curious as to whether you may qualify for a diagnosis of PTSD, I would be happy to consult with you about the possibility of engaging in a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for PTSD. I have formal training in evaluating PTSD in active duty soldiers, military Veterans as well as civilians who have suffered extensive trauma including combat-trauma, childhood and military sexual trauma, and other forms of abuse or accidents. As part of each PTSD evaluation, I utilize an evidenced-based, standardardized assessment measure (the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-5) to evalute for and diagnose PTSD, if appropriate. This type of evaluation may help you clarify a diagnosis of PTSD, better understand symptoms of that diagnosis, prepare you for treatment, and in some cases, facilitate compensation for your injuries.


If a diagnosis of PTSD is confirmed, collaborativey we may choose to pursue an empircally based form of treatment for PTSD to include Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) or other forms of trauma-focused psychotherapy. CPT is an evidenced-based, time-limited treatment found effective for PTSD and other symptoms following traumas. To learn more about my approach to treatment, or if you are interested in pursuing an evaluation for PTSD, please request an appointment. 

Other Mental Disorders

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, or general psychological distress? Do you wonder whether you meet diagnostic criteria for a specific mental disorder? I believe it is crucial to have an accurate diagnosis of your condition before you can determine what treatment is right for you. Once you have confirmed the correct diagnosis, you and your providers can better choose the most appropriate form of care specifically targeted to help symptoms of your disorder. 

My diagnostic assessment background makes me highly qualified to help you clarify or confirm a mental diagnosis. I possess a comprehensive knowledge of the diagnostic criteria pertaining to many commonly diagnosed DSM-5 psychiatric conditions to include, but not limited to, Adjustment Disorders, Alcohol Use and other Substance Use Disorders, Bipolar I and II Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and other anxiety disorders, and Major Depressive Disorder and other depressive disorders. 

If you wish to engage in psychotherapy for a specific concern, I will tailor treatment to your individual needs. My treatment is informed by psychodynamic as well as cognitive behavioral therapy approaches, and I can engage in either short or longer-term therapy, as needed.

Police Patch

My evaluation background is an excellent fit for any litigation oriented evaluations that are necessary to assess causality and degree of disability resulting from accidents or experiences that are the subject of claims and litigation. I worked for six years with the Department of Veterans Affairs where I conducted compensation and pension (C&P) examinations for active duty service members and military Veterans when they claimed mental disorders related to their service. My examinations helped inform the degree of impairment and level of financial compensation a service member or Veteran would receive for his or her service-connected mental disability.


My skills in this area include detailed chart and medical records review (DOD and civilian), comprehensive clinical interview, symptom assessment according to DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, neuropsychological assessment and validity testing, medical opinion formulation if requested, and completion of the appropriate documentation required for the claims process. I have frequently been called upon to review and comment upon the psychological evaluations performed and conducted by other professionals. I have presented cases in administrative and legal contexts and proceedings where my opinions and findings have been accepted.

I can also provide private psychological pre-employment and annual work evaluations, as well as fitnesses for duty and firearms evaluations for law enforcement professionals and others. 

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

My work experience includes the neuropsychological evaluation and management of mild TBI and other conditions. I am frequently called upon to differentiate between PTSD and TBI symptoms, which commonly overlap, and result in complex presentations. My neuropsychological evaluations have answered an array of referral questions, identified cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and assisted with diagnosis of learning disabilities, dementia, attentional problems, and memory impairment in adults. I can also assist with vocational and educational planning based on test results.